Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Study Skills - Task 7

Time management during my studies thus far has been a small struggle but as I have learned to put a few strategies in place, I have found my time to be less stressful. It has been apparent that my memory relates better to a diary rather than remembering on it’s own. Not only is it useful for remembering things, I have also been using it for an effective self evaluation method. Reviewing my study habits has made me strengthen my weakness and develop further my strong points. Involved in my management process has been writing lists which has also been a valuable developing technique. Overall my studying has definitely been complemented by my time management ability.

The first strategy I have practised within my time management plan has been diary keeping. This involves the recording of things of importance such as dates, events and other things I need to remember. I think this positively contributes to the success of my time management plan and will continue to help throughout the year as my more powerful learning practise is visual therefore it is a stronger memory tool. Consequently nothing reaches the point of stress as a project has been worked on over a period of time as the due date is known. By being able to record my study patterns I have been able to assess and correct areas that I am lacking .Thus I will also have this diary to reflect on to be certain that I’m taking care of everything; it has and will continue to be an effective self evaluation tool rather than just a reminding technique.

Secondly, reviewing my time management or lack of it, is useful by creating awareness of my positive attributes, and the changes that need to be made to the negative ones. This puts me in control of my study and ultimately my marks. I have used this technique in all areas as it is an overall contributor to the success of my time management, building awareness it is one of the biggest elements in my changing process. Therefore reviewing my own work habits and being able to have the choice whether to change them is an advantage to the success of my time management plan.

Thirdly, one of the most beneficial enforcers of the changes that the reviewing my work reveals, are lists. They are a simple yet an effective way to make sure that everything that needs to be is getting done. I find that lists are simple to establish, straight-forward to read and follow, and reduce stress. An example of this is if you have many things that are due that week, all that needs to be done is everything written down and then put into order from what is the most important to the least, this way it is unlikely that anything is left uncompleted and if there is, it will be the least important task. Writing a list is a simple yet an effective way to manage my time and is something that I use frequently.

Lastly one problem I have ran into frequently this year is that I often find myself writing lists and noting time frames down that I do not stick to, it has been challenging for me so far, but as I use these techniques listed above, more often, I find it easier to stay on track and focused. An example of one of these put to use is, that I have noticed from my diary, that I work more efficiently in the evenings so I have set aside a time for the more difficult tasks then. This is increasing the effectiveness of my work which is taking less time. In general my time management plan so far has been reflected in my marks, which I think I have achieved to the best of my ability. Also my time management plan had helped me positively so far and it will continue to.

The time management plan that I have put into practise has been helpful in the motivation and completion of tasks. Diary keeping has been a strong point because I learn visually; lists have been simple and easy to follow and the revision of my habits has been very beneficial to the changes I have needed to make. Altogether I am pleased with the outcome that my time management plan has constructed.